Choice Hotels Portal

Posted in portals on April 23, 2012

This is a reporting portal for Choice Hotels.

It was developed at Infosurv, Inc. for the use of Choice Hotel’s management to access reports and helpful resources associated with an employee survey also conducted by Infosurv, Inc.


As the survey data is filtered down to show only a subset of data per user, a user management system was put in place.



Once logged in, users can view reports related to everyone within their organization as well as those who directly report to them.



Managers have access to resources associated with the survey’s questions. If they see that they are not doing well in their reports to a specific question, they can come here and get helpful resources to try and improve their results.



The reporting portal was also designed to import data directly from Vovici’s API. An admin user will fill in the necessary information to start the import process.