Smile Brands Portal

Posted in portals on June 13, 2012

This is a reporting portal for Smile Brands designed and constructed by Infosurv, Inc.

It has gone through 2 major revisions since its original creation, and is consistantly tweeked and edited to the clients specifications. The first version was developed in PHP using the CakePHP framework. This newer version is in Ruby using the Ruby on Rails framework.


Access to reports is restricted by varying levels of management. To establish this authorization, users are required to login to the system. To allow for a easier user management, login requests are directed through a client-based API. The returned response dictates what levels of access a user is able to have.



The basic report is a Trending report based on NPS scores.


The advanced report breaks down and clusters the NPS buckets and the explanations of why a certain score was given.


Issue Tracking

For this the client wanted a way to track actions taken to answer customer complaints.

Issues 1

Managers and office staff have the ability to log actions they take to ameliorate patient issues.

Issues 2

Redemption Rates

The client wanted to keep track of the response rate to their survey and make it visible to their managers. For this we had to add a good amount of backend architecture (in part due to the limitations of the data available). It turned out well and the client liked it.

Redemption Rates